Adept at slow fashion, we are a brand with an extensive and precious production process. The development of a bag starts with paper and pencil, then it takes careful manual work until the design becomes a reality.

Our essence is craftsmanship and the sensitivity of artisans, who mix rustic and sophisticated raw materials and bring our creations to life. Translating a contemporary and elegant Brazil into accessories for the eternal summer of the world.


Rattan is a raw material derived from Cipó-Titica, natural from the Brazilian Amazon. Its cultivation and handling are regulated by environmental protection agencies.


Our leathers are worked with sustainability in mind, each stage is supervised, from the rural producer to the disposal of waste, ensuring a responsible production with low environmental impact.


Our productions atempts to international export standards regarding restricted chemical substances and the paint lines are free of heavy metals. Certified raw material, internal recycling and manufacturing processes aimed at reducing environmental impact.


The Acrylic used in our pieces is 100% recycled and comes from raw material with a 100% reusable composition.


  • To clean the surface of your bag, use a soft, clean and dry cloth and do not use chemical products on the bag.
  • Please use the dust bag when transporting and storing it.
  • Do not support heavy objects on top of the bag
  • Keep the bag away from sharp, pointed objects and from sticky tape.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light and humidity. If your bag gets wet, dry the area carefully with an absorbent cloth.