Its essence is Carioca, with bossa coming from the foot in the beach`s sand. Its magnetism, essentially tropical. The focus is the roots. It’s about Brazil.

Waiwai Rio was born in 2015 by the hands of designer Leo Neves - a brand of handmade purses that exalts the charms of his homeland with fun twist. He himself is an eternal boy from Rio, a natural esthete who has strengthened this verve with a strong work as a stylist, as well as years of design assistance for the strongest names of the Carioca scene.

Adept at slow fashion, Waiwai privileges the national production. Its precious manufacturing processes culminate in design accessories that are the translation of a contemporary Brazil, blending rustic raw materials to other cutting edge ones. The result is pieces of wood and rattan with interference from leather, silk, acrylic and metal.

Since its inception, the brand accessories have become an item of desire, with models that reflect the lifestyle of women pursuing (and reaching) the everlasting summer.